Today’s blog will focus of the third patterns of web 2.0 application which is “Invocation in Assembly” that was defined by Tim O’Reilly in web 2.0 conference. Innovation in assembly is defined as ” innovation in assembly of systems and sites composed by pulling together features from distributed, independent developers (a kind of “open source” development)”

My blog will focus on the business social platform of the Saleforce company. Moreover,’s PaaS product is known as the platform. The platform allows external developers to create add-on applications that integrate into the main application and are hosted on‘s infrastructure. These applications are built using Apex (a proprietary Java-like programming language for the platform) and Visualforce (an XML-like syntax for building user interfaces in HTML, Ajax or Flex).

SaleForce‘s Business social platform has helped many company to achieve their business objectives. now, I will talk about success story for using the business social platform of Saleforce. Burberry uses to share their vision of the social enterprise, in which customers accessing Burberry on any device, from anywhere, receive the same rich experience every time. As a result of using such platform, Burberry acheived ” Engage customers and employees in everything you do”

Another Website that is using SaleForce Platform is The APIs enable you to expose custom REST APIs that simplify mobile client development by aggregating and encapsulating complex, transactional logic within the cloud to enable more efficient and robust communication between the device and your database.’s social framework automatically generates data feeds that push relevant information to each individual user. This provides a very efficient way to consume data from mobile devices with a limited form factor. Database website is using the Business social platform of SaleForce to securely share data inside the company and outside the company with your customers.

There are many success stories of companies that are using the SaleForce Platform. a list of all the companies is available here. Most Importantly, it is amazing how such API/Platform of SaleForce can achieve and help many companies, it is just amazing.

hope you enjoyed reading!!


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